Family of Brands

The BCforward  family of brands recognizes the debt we owe our veterans for their service, and the incredible amount of skill and discipline they bring to the table as employees. We have won a number of awards for our work supporting veterans, veterans organizations and employing them in our company. 

We're committed to equality regardless of gender identity. More than 50% of our employees identify as female, including half of our leadership team. Compare that to the IT industry at large, where only a quarter of jobs go to women. BCforward  cultivates a culture of supporting and listening to women at every level of our business.

Diversity & Inclusion | Stafforward

Equal Opportunity

One in four adult Americans is living with a disability, but in 2020, fewer than 18% of them were able to find work. The BCforward family of brands are Americans With Disabilities Act compliant businesses, with a firm commitment to giving opportunities to everyone, regardless of disability, and making reasonable accommodations to make sure everyone gets a seat at the table. 

As Black-owned businesses, the BCforward family of brands knows that race and ethnicity are too often an obstacle to opportunity. We are committed to bringing in talented people and embracing their unique perspectives. More than half of BCforward’s workforce is made-up of an ethnic or racial minorities.